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GrowthAssistant embeds the best offshore Growth Marketers into your company. Scale your business faster, smarter, and more affordably.

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From VC-backed startups to agencies to fast growing D2C brands – GrowthAssistant is your best bet to leverage global remote talent


Top 1%

We only accept the best of the best as Growth Assistants


Save over 70%

Using GrowthAssistant compared to entry-level US talent 


Hire within days

We’ll find and place your Growth Assistant in 2 weeks

The key to success?
Our “embed model.”

We’re not only providing talent, we fully
embed a new team member into your company.


Our talent works full-time, 40 hours a 
week for you – and only you.

In your time zone

Whatever your normal business hours are, we’ll match them.


As a normal team

Growth Assistants communicate how you do, using the tools you use, attend your meetings, and function just like full-time employees.


With plenty of support
to get it right

Newbie or pro, we got your back with ongoing support. We only win if you win.

Let us help you take the first step
with our recruitment expertise.

GrowthAssistant is your secret to scaling faster

Strategy and planning is a business imperative. And your team can’t do it if they’re bogged down with tiny tasks.

We take the rote work off their plate so they have more time for strategy and moving the needle. Hand all your manual, repetitive tasks around campaign management, design and reporting to Growth Assistants to unblock your team and unlock growth.

Top 1% Talent

You’ll work with the best of the best. We only hire 1 out of 400 applicants. It’s harder to get into GrowthAssistant than Harvard!



Perfect Match

We find the perfect candidate for you. Every Growth Assistant is sourced based on your individual needs. 

Plug & Play

Growth Assistants arrive ready to get the job done on day 1. Each one is college educated, proficient in English and has extensive relevant work experience.

Ready to Scale

Whether you need 2 Growth Assistants or 20, we’ve got you covered. Most of our customers leverage multiple GAs across different departments, and it’s easy to see why!

How it works

No stacks of resumes, no hour-long interviews. When you partner with GrowthAssistant, we own the recruitment cycle so you don’t have to.


Take the survey

Our survey helps us place you on our fast-moving waitlist. Once you’re at the top, our team will meet with you to uncover exactly what you need.


We recruit

We recruit a Growth Assistant to fit your exact needs, working hours, and team culture.


Meet your GA

And get growing together! Your new GA is fully embedded as a full-time member of your team, and our support continues as long as you need.

Meet your newest team member

Scroll through some sample profiles to see just how amazing our talent is.

Simple pricing, unbeatable value


per month

While most roles are $3,000 per month some premium roles might require a higher monthly investment.

It’s time to get serious about scaling your growth

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Frequently asked questions

A Growth Assistant is a full-time (40 hours/week), Philippines-based rising star ready to support your business. All GAs are college-educated, great written/verbal english and 2+ years of relevant work experience. It takes us roughly 3-6 weeks to find and embed a match for any of our standard roles.


Part of our business model is the mandate for full-time, fully embedded team members (in your Slack channels, participating in Zoom meetings, using a company email address) and exclusively working for you. We can accommodate for any time zone / working hour requirements (most GAs are accustomed to working the “graveyard” shift).

Our hypothesis is simple:  If you truly lean into the talent we present and induct them into your company as if they were any other remote employee, they will deliver far beyond the repeatable, rote work that you’ll initially assign.


It’s been our experience that if you have 20-25 hours of work for a GA, you actually have 40. Reason being, our talent tends to provide a lot more value than what is traditionally expected from a VA b/c of our mandated full-time, fully embedded biz model. When you lean into your GrowthAssistant you will reap the rewards.

Design/Video, Paid Ads, Organic Social, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, Data/Reporting, CX, Sales Support, Ops & more.

GAs can take on a wide variety of tasks. Have a role in mind? Let’s chat!

We have an internal onboarding process for our GrowthAssistants and GA readiness program for new clients (who may need a little extra help preparing for the arrival of their GrowthAssistant).  If there are specific gaps in the must-have skills required for a specific placement we’ll also ensure that the GrowthAssistant receives additional training/upskilling prior to placement.  We have internal operational standards for responsiveness, communication norms/expectations, productivity, etc. all of which are monitored and tracked on a daily basis.   We want our clients to have confidence that their GrowthAssitants are available, responsive and making progress against core deliverables or KPI’s as established by our clients.


Jesse sits with Dov, the man who manages 45+ stores of OpenStore

They’ll talk all things acquisitions, e-comm, scaling and more.

July 16, 2024

12:00PM EST | 
Jesse Pujji

Co-Founder of GrowthAssistant

Dov Quint

Storefronts Lead of OpenStore