Grow your business with our Digital Marketers

Our Digital Marketers can take on a wide variety of Marketing tasks. Have them implement SEO best practices, manage social media accounts, run paid advertising campaigns, or provide valuable insights through analytics and data tracking.

A Marketing Growth Assistant:
The swiss-army knife of the marketing world

All the small things

Smart people ready to take on
everything you throw at them.
That’s what we offer here.


Find new partners. Or influencers. Or affiliates. Or get featured on the media. Or on podcasts. All done via GA outreach.

Social Media

Scheduling, prepping images, social listening, engagements, follow-up, etc. We cover it all!


Need to know how the business is going? Get updated daily or weekly reports with all the KPIs you care about.


No matter if you use Meta, Google or TikTok, have someone take on all the mundane tasks in those platforms.

So much more

It's hard to put everything a GA can help with in a box. Get in touch to talk about your unique needs!

What our clients say about our
Digital Marketers

Rod is fantastic and always gets things done.
Lou has been fulfilling her tasks in a quick manner and executing responsibilities without asking
Corina is awesome.
She does a great job asking for help when she needs it and is always willing to give more. Everything she does is great.
Roy has been a pleasure to work with and if all employees are like him, I would definitely recommend GA.
Roy has the knowledge and experience with Social and Google and has been helpful in sharing his knowledge with our team. He has stepped up in regards to Programmatic campaigns and reporting.
I am thrilled with Tin.
She fits into the team, has a lovely presence, has helped to take a giant workload off our shoulders and is very good at her job.
Keith is responsive, responsible and does high quality work with fast turnaround times.
He is extremely reliable and our team loves working with him!

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Overview of some roles we support:


Marketing Generalist

From pulling reports to launching campaigns, you need someone who can do it all.



Make your website stand out from the crowd!


Data and Reporting

Data-driven results without the data-pulling hassle.



It’s time to level up your creatives.


Paid Ads

If you need your ad campaigns to be the best, we can help.


Business Operations

Logistical coordination, managing the daily tasks, and keeping it all organized feels like a full time job, so let it be one.


Email Marketing

The speed and reliability of automated emailing, but with the skill and creativity only a person can bring.

Any role you can think of

It’s time to get a Growth Assistant for your business.

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