Shopify Assistants for Dev, Design, Admin, & More

Efficiently streamline your e-commerce operations and focus on growth while our Shopify specialists and E-commerce Assistants handle all your administrative, backend, and customer support tasks for you.

Grow your DTC business by letting us
handle the tedious work:

Efficient Backend Aid

Delegate your store's administrative tasks and experience a seamless backend support. Focus on growth while we handle product management, listings, billing, and more.

Data Refinement

Elevate your store's data while we enhance your product descriptions, validate SKU's, QR codes, and barcodes, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Customize, Optimize

We'll create, edit, and optimize pages, while also fine-tuning product modifications. Experience enhanced performance and customer satisfaction.


Seamlessly organize and maintain your digital assets library, ensuring easy access, and effortless asset management.

Effortless Management

Our experts help manage and optimize workflow, from meticulous planning to flawless execution, ensuring exceptional outcomes.

So much more

Whatever you need, we can help. Join our waitlist for a meeting and we'll uncover exactly what you need.

What our clients say about our
E-commerce Assistants

Jam is a strong self starter,
completes projects ahead of schedule and communicates exceptionally well.
She has been really good for starting recently.
I am excite to see her grow.
I wish it could be an 11. I can’t imagine not having abby on our team.
Kim’s great. Here’s why:
On top of all tasks. Showing great initiative.
No comments – great communicator, speedy worker, efficient.
Noel’s work ethic is great and his skill set is perfect for our role.
MJ has been a very strong addition to the team and I have been impressed with her attention to detail and effectiveness in completing tasks.

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Overview of some roles we support:


Marketing Generalist

From pulling reports to launching campaigns, you need someone who can do it all.



Make your website stand out from the crowd!


Data and Reporting

Data-driven results without the data-pulling hassle.



It’s time to level up your creatives.


Paid Ads

If you need your ad campaigns to be the best, we can help.


Business Operations

Logistical coordination, managing the daily tasks, and keeping it all organized feels like a full time job, so let it be one.


Email Marketing

The speed and reliability of automated emailing, but with the skill and creativity only a person can bring.

Any role you can think of

It’s time to get a Growth Assistant for your business.

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