Work with the best of the best

All Growth Assistants are vetted for outstanding work ethic, good English skills and proven work experience in their field.

Over 50,000 people have applied so far. Less than 0.5% get accepted to become a Growth Assistant.

How we find elite talent for you

Learn more about the process we use to filter through hundreds of applications. Every single day. The following 7 steps are the main reason we can provide you the best talent.

Attract top performers

We spend a lot of money to attract the best people and establish GrowthAssistant as a top employer: TikTok channel with over 25,000 followers, Facebook ads, great pay & benefits, and a strong company culture.

Ensure fit with role

We screen hundreds of resumes per day to select the few that best match the requirements of our open client roles. To pass this stage, a candidate must possess all required technical skills as well as sufficient relevant experience.

Show who you are: video screening

If we like an applicant, we request a short video recording where they share relevant work experience. The video is a great way to learn more about the candidate, but also to check communication skills and English proficiency.

First interview with our team

Only now do we schedule the first interview. While we obviously check the hard skills, we also want to see a cultural fit. Is this candidate a long-term good fit for GrowthAssistant and our clients?

Test: Trust, but verify

For most roles we require candidates to complete a test. This proves they truly have the expertise needed. Tests vary in length and complexity, but are an excellent way to spot gaps.

Final interview with senior leadership

The last step is an interview with our leadership. Here we double check that the candidate has all required skills needed to support their designated client, ensure cultural fit and look for red flags.

Placement with company & ongoing support

After 2-3 week of sourcing and screening, we are ready to place the new Growth Assistant at your company. Our customer success team will regularly check in with you and your Growth Assistant to ensure everything running smoothly.

No matter your need, we can find the perfect Growth Assistant for you

We can find a great Growth Assistant for most Growth Marketing related roles. Always based on your exact needs and sourced for you.


Marketing Generalist

Pull reports, Social Media, launch ads, improve SEO. They can do it all.



Meta Titles, Internal Links, Keyword Research, Link Outreach. Consider it done.


Data and Reporting

Become as data-driven as you tell everyone you are. Beautiful dashboards are waiting for you.



It’s time to uplevel your creatives, videos, emails and landing pages.


Paid Ads

Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram, TikTok or something else? We can help.


Business Operations

Shopify backend, logistic coordination or even some accounting. Give it to your GA.


Email Marketing

Beautiful emails send to the right people at the right time. 100% automated.

Any role you can think of

Start working with the best of the best. Get a Growth Assistant for your business now.

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