How Unbloat reached with 1 Full Time Employee. $2 million in sales

3x’d ARR in12 months with just one FTE and two GA powering the business. Set the business up for lean growth by leveraging trained, pre-vetted offshore talent.


Unbloat is a DTC brand with a simple goal: reduce bloating for women. Their supplement was created by a renowned gastroenterologist and has helped tens of thousand of women. With a team of just 1 – Carolyn, the CEO-they scaled to $2M+ in annual revenue in 12month.


Scaling a DTC business fast and lean has many choke points. CX, tracking ROAS + other metrics, marketing, and logistics, and more.  Unbloat’s challenge:  Headcount – They had to tackle these challenges of scale with FTE.

Leverage Growth Assistant’s elite offshore talent. Unbloat added two Growth Assistant who’ve been crucial to their operations and growth.

Abby, originally a CX specialist, is now the heart of Unbloat’s operations.

    • Built the Klaviyo flow for email marketing and manages influencer and affiliate program
    • Creates and maintains SOPs – the only true way to scale – across the whole business.
    • Owns CX (Unbloat is known for their outstanding CX) and is super resourceful.
    • Pulls data, organizes daily reporting and calculates and metrics (daily)


Jane is responsible for Unbloat’s visual creatives.  With Facebook as their biggest channel, having a constant flow of high quality creatives is key. Jane churns out dozen of add variations weekly. And her responsibilities keep growing.

The Future: Unbloat keeps growing and adding to their team!

To keep up with customer questions, we just added new GA for customer success! And they’re putting together a profile for another GA devoted to data and reporting.  Great pre-vetted offshore talent sourced within weeks by GrowthAssistant will continue to be a core pillar of Unbloat’s future Growth!

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