Growth Assistants help quip to run projects smoothly leverage and influencer marketing

After a big fundraise, quip faced operational hurdles during scaling despite outsourcing. They turned to Growth Assistants (GAs) for solutions. GAs’ contributions facilitated quip’s growth with cost-effective strategies. Their streamlined email campaigns and targeted influencer collaborations significantly improved engagement, quip’s processes and systems, and revenue.

What is quip

quip is a user-focused oral care brand that originated from a dentist’s suggestion for a cost-effective electric toothbrush. It addresses common dental issues like brushing too hard, infrequent brushing, and neglecting oral health. Known as the “Apple of dental care”, they’re dominating retail/DTC and they’ve raised more than $100 million to-date with ~ 200 employees.

The Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, quip was scaling rapidly. As they grew, they shifted their focus to the bottom line and to get the most leverage out of their strategic talent who were hamstrung by operational tasks. Outsourcing tasks to expensive agencies proved ineffective, leading quip to seek a more efficient approach to achieve their growth objectives.

The GrowthAssistant Solution

To address these challenges, quip turned to GrowthAssistant for support. We embedded two GAs to their team to take over some of the daily tasks. Kaila, a skilled project manager, joined the team to streamline their email campaigns and establish essential processes. Kim, a data analyst and project manager, focused on reaching out to content creators to promote quip products. Her data-driven approach to connecting with content creators helped in building quip’s brand presence.


By addressing the challenges of scaling and growth while keeping costs in check, GAs played a crucial role in quip’s success. Kaila’s project management and organizational skills optimized the email campaign process, while Kim’s outreach efforts significantly boosted brand awareness. As quip continues to focus on growth, the strategic support of Growth Assistants will undoubtedly play an integral part in their journey towards continued success.

“Kaila has continued to perform above and beyond expectations. These projects ultimately have hundreds of thousands of dollars of direct impact at quip."

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