18 GAs OpenStore’s ops for their growing portfolio of brands.

OpenStore is one of the world’s largest DTC aggregators. They operate 40+ brands and continue to grow by acquiring Shopify stores. OpenStore uses their expertise and an army of Growth Assistants to grow the top and bottom line of their brands. Knowing that they have a scalable, cost-effective partner with GrowthAssistant allows OpenStore to scale their operations without headaches.

About OpenStore

Founded in 2019 by Keith Rabois, they’ve acquired 40 brands+ and are valued at >$970M. They help emerging e-commerce brands access instant liquidity for their businesses and aim to deliver the best small-brand products to consumers.


OpenStore is growing fast: their team of 115+ is managing over 100,000 SKUs! Once a new brand joins the OpenStore family, a flood of tasks need to be executed: transferring ad accounts over, changing Shopify subscription, contacting all suppliers, and more.

And once the transfer is done, they need to run the brands and leverage economies of scale. They need skilled talent to help handle these operational tasks.

How GrowthAssistant Helped:

We started small: By taking on the rote tasks around running the many different Shopify stores – tasks like adding new products, improving product images, checking inventory and tweaking product descriptions.

But over time we expanded within their org: Today they have multiple GAs focused on Tech assistance, some supporting inventory management and data tasks, and others working on general marketing/outreach. Given the scope of our partnership, we even embedded a dedicated GA team lead into their org!

This allows us to provide even more value for them while ensuring that all GAs have the support they need.


Working with OpenStore was a great experience. Together with them we expanded across multiple roles into nearly every department.

Their whole business is supported by Growth Assistants!

GrowthAssistant is a reliable long-term partner to fuel growth and enable scale

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