Get it done with our Operations Assistants

Let us handle all the backend operations. The small administrative tasks every business relies on. You provide the guidelines and SOPs, our Operations Assistants will execute them flawlessly.

Here's a few ways that an Operations Assistant can help you do it all:

Influencer Management

If you work with influencers, you know that it's a hands-on partnership. Let GrowthAssistant provide those hands.


Never lose your containers again with hands-on, ongoing logistical management.

Shopify Backend

Managing inventory and keeping PDPs updated is tough for big stores. Let us handle all the backend stuff.

Project Management

Some people are born for a Gantt Chart. Let us introduce you to them!


If it’s about categorizing expenses, chasing overdue invoices or just checking Quickbooks, we can help.

So much more

We can't put everything a GA can do into a little box. Let's chat to see what else an Operations Assistant can do for you!

What our clients say about our Operations Assistants

Rain has been an extreme asset to my team.
Training new hires, taking on extra work to help relieve my bandwidth. Always communicative and filling out reports I have created for them.
He’s a critical part of our team and continues to make HUGE impacts.
Maridel has been great over the last 30 days…
She’s been a dream to work with so far!
She’s easy to work with, very pleasant and accommodating, and keeps us aware of how she’s doing on tasks.
She’s a good communicator and gets the tasks done promptly and accurately.
We are very happy with him thus far.
His communication is fantastic in terms of availability, taking break, and project progress. His work is thorough and quick. So far I see him being a great add to the team.
James is very hard-working and learns tasks quickly.
He’s able to problem-solve and resolve issues with minimal guidance. He is able to pick things up and take on additional tasks well.

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Overview of some roles we support:


Marketing Generalist

From pulling reports to launching campaigns, you need someone who can do it all.



Make your website stand out from the crowd!


Data and Reporting

Data-driven results without the data-pulling hassle.



It’s time to level up your creatives.


Paid Ads

If you need your ad campaigns to be the best, we can help.


Business Operations

Logistical coordination, managing the daily tasks, and keeping it all organized feels like a full time job, so let it be one.


Email Marketing

The speed and reliability of automated emailing, but with the skill and creativity only a person can bring.

Any role you can think of

It’s time to get a Growth Assistant for your business.

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