Get free traffic - with our SEO Assistant

Nothing is better than free traffic from Google for relevant keywords. But there are so many things to consider and do. Let us give you a hand to rock both Onpage and Offpage.

Let’s get you ranking on Google! Here are some
examples of tasks your SEO assistant could support

Keyword Research

Get your content organized around the right keywords. Let’s find you valuable low competition keywords.

Featured Snippets

Google is trying to answer questions directly in the SERP. Features Snippets ensure you are the answers.

Onpage Best Practices

Meta titles, headlines, internal links, silo structure and SO much more. Table stakes but needs to get done - by us?!


By now it’s clear that Schema has a strong impact on ranking. So you need to get it right and can’t sleep on it.

Link Outreach

Despite Google telling us that’s it all about content - links still matter. A lot. Outreach will get you those links.

So much more

It’s hard to put all potential tasks into 6 boxes. While we tried to highlight some, just know that we can support

What our clients say about our
SEO Assistants

We would be LOST without MJ.
Chardy is very thorough and always cheerful.

He is always learning new tasks.
Christine is extremely proactive and thorough with all her tasks.
She has a very high sense of ownership and I couldn’t be happier with her contributions. Saves me and the team so much time through her contributions.
Eldeline’s best quality is that she requires very little guidance to pick up what’s going on and is a fast learner.

I can ping her on something I need her help in and trust that she can learn what needs to be done and do it herself without much support. As a result, it saves me a ton of time and allows me to focus on strategic work to move the business forward.
Allyssa has been great to with since day 1!

She is not only a team player who genuinely wants to do her best, but she met deadlines and executed her tasks effectively and efficiently.
I’ve literally never had to ask her to do anything more than once.

Upon all review of her work, there are never any errors. She’s been the perfect employee.

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Overview of some roles we support:


Marketing Generalist

Pull reports, Social Media, launch ads, improve SEO. They can do it all.



Meta Titles, Internal Links, Keyword Research, Link Outreach. Consider it done.


Data and Reporting

Become as data-driven as you tell everyone you are. Beautiful dashboards are waiting for you.



It’s time to uplevel your creatives, videos, emails and landing pages.


Paid Ads

Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram, TikTok or something else? We can help.


Business Operations

Shopify backend, logistic coordination or even some accounting. Give it to your GA.


Social Media

Schedule posts, send DMs, answer comments and Social Listening to never miss a trend.

Any role you can think of

It’s time to get a Growth Assistant for your business.

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Free 20+ pages Delegation Guide:
See which tasks you can
delegate today!