Elite offshore talent to support your Marketing team

Kim’s amazing. She constantly improvements.
Allen is just the best! He is always willing to take on the next thing and develop new skills.

Kim’s amazing.
She constantly improvements.

She is great at communication and is keen to take on challenges. Would like to explore adding more GAs to the team — One is in the process of joining end of Jan and might even think about adding another in the near future.


Joan is communicative, trustworthy, and hard working.

She has been efficiently sourcing influencers for us. She’s shown flexibility and the ability to quickly pivot with our changing requirements. Joan is detail oriented and follows instructions on our needs very well.


Maddy has been really helpful with all the situations we’ve trained her on so far.

She picked up on RAs quickly and showed a lot of proficiency there. She’s been a huge help in pre-order cancels, price matches, inventory issues, and manual refunds.


Allen is just the best! He is always willing to take on the next thing and develop new skills.

Despite a slow computer, he is the fastest working member of our team – he is having a huge impact on our creative strategy and we’re so grateful for him. He continues to develop brand new creative vs. iteration – which he’s been developing really well.


Kim is a 10 out of 10.

She has done an awesome job getting onboarded to the team and owning her projects. She is thorough and communicative. She built a roadmap on Asana. Created a slide for A/B tests and performance report template.


You all have done a great job of taking a lot of the administrative hurdles out of bringing new resources on board.

GA nailed initial landing pages for our clients. Really great logo initial logo results and great team-player with offers to pickup other work/responsibilities.


Jayson continues to be an important asset to our team.

He always has something extra to add that brings our projects from good to great. Jason completed a rebranded color palette, created visual identity and assisted the successful launch of a new website through content creation and comprehensive asset library.


Val is an all star.

She has the highest CSAT score of all reps. Has an extremely high proficiency in English which allows her to better digest and understand my customers needs.


Mira is awesome! She is a 10/10.

Mira is trained across all tasks, she’s able to identify campaign errors and populating weekly reports.

Jam has been doing really exceptional work since joining DoorDash. She has exceeded expectations and brought lots of value to the team.

Eric Wang

Growth Marketing Operations

Finding growth marketing resources is impossible right now. We’ll be working with GA to find more team members in the months ahead!

Adam Weber

Chief Marketing Officer

Our GA, Alvin, is incredible. Besides taking on tons of manual outreach and BDR work, he recently helped me systemize our account management tasks.

Tawfiq Najjar

Business Development & Growth Head

Everything is good so far. Really enjoy working with her so far. I like how eager she is to learn and jump into things. We will definitely be diving into more projects soon.

Jon Ordaz

Senior Performance Growth Marketer